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Graupner Husky 1800S 13410.100

Graupner Husky 1800S 13410.100

Graupner 13410.100

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Graupner Husky 1800S                               13410.100

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The Allrounder

Attention, fans of the Short Take Off and Landing airplanes, here it is your new model!

The RC airplane model made of SOLIDPOR® hard foam Graupner Husky 1800S is not only characterized by low surface load, very good low-speed flight characteristics and versatile applications, no, it also has remarkable short take-off and landings that other models are looking for. The model Husky can be converted not only with XXL wheels but also with Skis (No. 13410.43 Ski) or floaters (No. 13410.44 floaters). The aircraft has an already pre-installed tow coupling, which only has to be supplemented with a servo and the appropriate linkage. With this aircraft model, glider models up to 2 kg can be brought to the right altitude in F-tow. The current 4 S 2200 battery and the motor setup ensure sufficient thrust and flight time.

Thanks to the tried and tested quick-locking technology on the wings, which has already been used with the HoTTrigger 1400S, the model is ready for use at the flying ground. The struts of the bearing surface are only secured with a split pin, since these have a purely optical function.

The Graupner Husky is a semi-scale model. The rivets and metal bumps ensure the necessary optical advantages. Due to the technical design, we have managed to achieve a very good mix of neutral and simple flight behavior despite the scale dimensions. In addition to the good-natured flying characteristics, the model also makes it possible to use in light aerobatics. For this, the ailerons and flaps have been designed somewhat larger than the original. The control surfaces are hanged with hinges like the HoTTrigger. These ensure the necessary precision of the articulations.

All screws in the aircraft are made in hexagon socket. Instead of normal nuts, stop nuts have been used throughout.

Controller, motor, LEDs, elevator, rudder, ailerons and flaps are already mounted. Only a few work steps are necessary to make the model ready for flight. You are spoiled for choice and have to decide for one of the three decor variants and glue them on.

The receiver is installed through the rear left window, which is attached with a magnetic lock. Also the servo input of the tow coupling servo is located here. For antenna installation, two plastic tubes are already glued, into which the antennas can be easily inserted.

The decoration sets are included in the kit in three colors and two designs and are already pre-cut. The cut contours contain almost all recesses or separations which are necessary to glue the decoration set without additional work.

The conversion for the individual applications can be done quickly and easily. The main landing gear can be removed in one piece. For the balloon tires the wheels must be dismantled with the wheel covers. The skis are mounted on the rims of the normal tires. The floats are screwed on the sides of the fuselage as with the original and held with a tensioner against torsion.


Wing quick-release without screws
Aluminum landing gear
Carbon fiber tube for wings
Control surfaces junctions with double horns and ball joints
All control surfaces are equipped with plastic hinges
Flaps linkage covered
LED lighting
Large flaps
Short take-off and landing
Tow clutch
Versatile retooling on balloon tires, skis and floaters.
3 different colored decorations
Take-off weight: 2500 g (including 4S 2200 mAh LiPo)
Take-off weight including ski: 2610 g (+ 110 g ski)
Take-off weight including float: 2660 g (- 220 g main gear, + 380 g float)

The set contains

Fuselage with 2 servos
Motor 800KV 12 poles (No. 13410.81)
Speed controller 40A XT60 2 - 4S
LED controller
Wings with 2servos each and LED lights
Main landing gear with standard wheels and wheels pants
Tail landing gear
Balloon tires
Screws and small parts
Decals for three color versions

Required accessories

Radio Control mx-16 HoTT 8 channels (No. 33116.16)
Receiver GR-16 HoTT 2.4 GHz 8 channelsl (No. 33508)
Power Pack LiPo 4/22 00 14,8 V 70C XT60 (No. 78122.4)
Ski Set (No. 13410.43)
Floats Set (No. 13410.44)
Height [mm]: 350 mm
Weight [g]: 2500 g
Overall length [mm]: 1200 mm
Wingspan [mm]: 1800 mm
Version: ARTF
Material: Graupner SOLIDPOR® Rigid
Field of application: F-Schlep, STOL, Wateraircraft
Difficulty level: Advanced