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Graupner mz-24 PRO HoTT, 12 Channels & Receiver

Graupner mz-24 PRO HoTT, 12 Channels & Receiver

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Graupner mz-24 PRO HoTT, 12 Channels & Receiver

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The English version including the English menu and output speech data.

German, French and English version are included on the micro SD card and can be installed easily.

The MZ-24 HoTT with 12 control functions enables the advanced RC model builder to control nearly any model. The use of Graupner HoTT 2,4 GHz transmission technology ensures great functional reliability through bidirectional communication between transmitter and receiver with integrated telemetry, voice output via speaker or headphone output and ultra-fast response times of the control.
The transmitter has 30 model memories. Programming and telemetry display on 3.5 "large TFT color touch screen. Storage of telemetry data and expansion of the model storage on a micro-SD memory card.
USB port for firmware upgrades.
HoTT (HOPPING TELEMETRY TRANSMISSION) bidirectional 2.4 GHz technology
75 jump frequencies for secure transmission
12 channels
3.5" TFT colour touch screen for easy operation
Smart voice announcement system for telemetry data, warnings, alarms and vario signal via speaker or earphones
Real-time data transmission with optional sensors (vario, GPS, fuel, temperature, voltage, current, speed and much more)
Wireless or wired teacher/pupil system
Linking of multiple receivers in parallel possible
High-precision quad ball bearing gimbals (8 in total)
µSD card slot for expanding model memory and recording telemetry data
30 model memories
Model copy function
Update capability via USB
Model type: helicopter, model aircraft (normal or delta), model glider
Numerous servo settings (distance, limits, reversal, mid-point setting)
Dual rate and expo, can be set separately for each flight phase
6 flight phases
Helicopter type: 1 servo, 2 servo 180°, 3 servo 120° (2 pitch or 2 roll), 3 servo 140°, 4 servo 90°
Pitch curves (7 points) can be set separately for each flight phase
Throttle curves (7 points) can be set separately for each flight phase
Phase trim for pitch and throttle
Swash Limit function
Swash Limit function
5 x linear mixers
3 x curve mixers
Numerous types of model aircraft from 1 aileron to 8 flaps (1 aileron, 1 aileron/1 flap, 2 ailerons, 2 ailerons/1 flap, 2 ailerons/2 flaps, 2 ailerons/4 flaps, 4 ailerons/2 flaps, 4 ailerons/4 flaps)
Elevators: 1 elevator, 2 elevators, V-tail
Aileron differentiation, can be set separately for each flight phase
Butterfly function
New Software Features:
- New menu for channel sequencer
- Additional model types for car, boat and copter
- New menu for logical switches
- New menu for announces, flight phase names will be announced when switched, to any switch can be assigned any favorite announce, landing gear in/out, flaps up/down, teacher, pupil, etc…
- Up to 10 user voice files can be played and assigned in the transmitter
- The HF icon of the start display is now usable, HF can now be switched ON/OFF after a safety query
- The display can now be locked through an icon
- Both timers are freely configurable by the user, reset function through switch/button or by briefly touching the number field, if the number field is tapped for longer time, you enter the timer menu
- Data log start through timer 1, through a new button in TX ctl menu you can set an automatic recording, which starts when the model is switched on
- The Thr.CUT function can also be used for helicopters, the motor/engine can be switched off in any throttle position
- The Thr.CUT function warning is now switchable, it is now warned also when the Thr.CUT function is not active
- 3 different D/R, EXP values can be switched through a 3 position switch
- All the warnings are now usable according to the model memory, it means you can have different warnings for each model memory
- The switching off of the trimming for mixed channels is possible in the Prog.MIX menu
- A reduction of the aileron differentiation is possible
- Snap Roll for glider and airplane models
- The CTL Set menu has been adjusted to the control setting menu of the MC/MX-radios, settings for OffSet
and +Travel- are not performed any longer in the D/R, EXP menu
- Auto Trim function added
The Set contains:
MZ-24 PRO transmitter
5000mAh Li transmitter battery
Transmitter charger
SD card adapter
Micro SD card
Receiver GR-18 #33579
USB cable
USB PC Adapter Interface
USB adapter cable
Transmitter straps
Aluminum case
Quick manual (Part 1) / Programming manual (Part 2) download